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The beginners guide to playing the phonograph

Beginner might find it complicated to operate a turntable to record music or videos. Frankly speaking, it is about being precise, placing the needle to the perfect groove and ensure that there is consistence in making the music. Through a perfect guide, one is able to produce the best music and ensure that it is of high quality.

#1. How to prepare the Player.

As usual, one has to uplift the dustcover from the turntable to have access of the real machines. The dust cover is meant to protect the machine from dust and make function appropriately. Every machine comes with its own different kind of dust covers and they are removed differently.

#2. Make sure the turntable is not spinning

Some turntables have their platters automatically rotating because they are made that way. Others have a switch that needs to be switched for the platter to start rotating. Whichever the type, just ensure that your turntable is not spinning for good music to be recorded.

#3. Place the record or the CD on the platter

This is the core tool in the whole process. It is the one that is responsible for producing sounds and playbacks. The CD needs to be placed perfectly and ensure that its groves are rotating well and perfectly. Place the spindle on the center and always ensure to hold your record at the edge when placing it. Touch the outer portion to avoid interfering with the groves because they are the main required things to ensure that perfect recording is done. Platter must be fitted with foam or rubber band though many of them are made from metal. Every platters needs to be fitting to avoid any inconveniences in the recording process because this is what leads to drawbacks in the quality of recording.

#4. It’s now your turn to put the platter into motion.

The mechanism of switching the platter on varies from machine to machine but mostly, it is located around the speed selector. Due to different manufacturers, the switch might differ from machine to machine and this could be so difficult to people who are new to such machines.

#5. Time to cue the tone arm now.

Some machines have a switch controlled tone arm while others are just lifted physically. This switch is meant to produce perfect sound melodies so that the music becomes interesting.

#6.Lower your stylus on to the record.

Recording will only take place when the stylus comes into contact with the record. This is where all the music science takes place and recording starts. Gently and carefully lower the lever of the tone arm and you find things happening as programmed. Put the tone arm back into place by either using the switch or lifting it physically. You can listen to the other side of the record by lifting the record over and repeat the whole above process. Playing of music is easy than recording on the turntable.

#7 Hook up the stereo

It is good to get a receiver because a lot of turntable require a receiver to function properly. They are then connected to speakers which then ensure that sound is produced at a bigger frequency for clarity and easy and audience. An external phonograph can also act as a receiver because it has the ability to send music in loud form. To amplify the sound, a powerful preamp should be used and connected to the groves of the radio to ensure that there is easy clarity of the sound to the listeners. Some turntables have in-built preamps that act as amplifies for maximum sound production.

#8. Attach all your cables in the turntable.

To identify the cables, they are normally colored to ensure that a user is able to determine which cable to fix where so that they work as needed. The instructions manual contain all these instructions because different turntable have different systems. Get all the instructions perfect by reading your manual properly because cables are the only things that are going to make you make the best connection and make the perfect music production. To prevent any buzzing sound, the ground wire should be connected.

#9. Get the correct input and switch on to it.

After all has been fixed accurately and its working, it’s now time to connect your phono to enjoy the perfect music from your record. It could be a CD, an Ipod or a mobile phone that is used, just ensure that it is a super quality gadget that is going to give you the best sounds. This is not a onetime perfection but with time, people get used to and they end up having the best experience to practice playing the phonograph. Every phonograph has its make so it is good to ensure that there is proper learning.

#.10. Operate your turntable as required and maintain it well.

For perfect performance of the turntable, it is good to ensure that it is in excellent condition throughout. This can be done through ensuring that you follow the safety measures that are outlined in the manual to ensure that you get the best knowledge. Always remove and replace dust covers before and after use to ensure that you remain in the right truck throughout. Never ever spin the platter before placing your record and ensure that you get the best experience from it. Never drop the tone arm abruptly.

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Ten facts about history of gramophones

#1. They are the oldest form of music recording.

Before even pianos come into place, before the modern recording devices came and changed the whole thing in music industry, gramophones were already the icons of entertainment and people used to like them like nothing else. All the powerful music managers used to treasure and appreciate the beauty of these instruments. Major popular singers started by using these instruments to record their music before they were absorbed by the modern music technology that is currently prevailing in the world at the moment.

#.2. It was invented way back in 1877.

This is the era where even cameras were nowhere to be found. Emile Berliner is the legend behind this invention that she was the first person to have the idea that people who sing can be recorded and their sound be listened to again and again without them having to sing again. She was tired and bored of recording on cylinders, something that real pissed her off and she sat down to come up with this idea. Of coz with help from others but being the soul inventor on this, she is regarded as the mother of gramophones.

#.3. It used to be an analog form of recording.

Initially, it was just the spiral grove and the record that was chiefly used to ensure to ensure that there is recording. There used to be other gadgets connected and the music used to play nicely as needed. By then, there was no major inventions like the IPODs and smartphones which people currently connect to gramophones. There were the louder speakers that used to amplify sound unlike today where we have preamp to amplify sound to a great level. To ensure that this was a success, qualified players used to record the music.

#4. Music recording was done using diameters.

The spiral grove normally runs from the periphery to the center of the disk or record. As the disk starts rotating, the sound starts getting recorded and as the consistency is maintained, the music becomes complete and adorable. The diameter was measured in inches to determine the size of the song recorded. This is nowadays measured in MBs or GBs and they are recorded in superior designed disks. Every music was perfectly recorded at the expense of the artiste no matter the size of the song. Rotational speed was also determined in number of rotation per minute.

#5. Many DJs used to prefer gramophones.

It was crystal clear that DJs used to like the way these things worked. It was easy to hold music, just by touching on the rotating disc. It was easy to do mixing of the music and it was also easy to make changes any time they wanted to. Many DJs like recording their shows and this is what made them to like these things much and much. Even in the current era, some DJs still find the essence of using this method to entertain their fans.

#. 6. It replaced the phonograph Cylinders.

Before the 20th century, when phonographs came in place, Cylinders were used in the recording of music. Though their quality was not good, people used to abide to it for lack of no option. The invention of the phonograph came as a reliever to the artistes who were looking forward to get a better record that the cylinders. They were made from wax and up to 1915, they were the gadgets that people were dying for. Thomas Edison is the Chief inventor of these instruments because he is the one who came up with the whole idea.

#. 7. They used a vibrating Diaphragm.

People used to interpret the wave forms on the paper which has been recorded and get the music sequence. From there is when they say if the music is bad or good. It was real amazing. Imagine telling someone you have recorded music only to give him or her a piece of paper containing wave forms.

#.8. Wax was used to record the music.

Wax was used in recording the music in the earlier phonographs. Every record was made not only to produce the waves but also to ensure that sound was retained. People used to record the same way as telegraphs and they used to ensure that sound was reproduced. This was through the improvising that instrument underwent, It was a try and error sequence until the whole thing was obtained perfectly. Today people are using the accurately because they have all the things needed.

#.9. Phonautograph was the predecessor

It was a bit fun, because it can be regarded as recording in this era we are living in today. The Phonautograph used to use the vibrating diaphragm and a spiral to record sound waves on a piece of paper.

#.10. It was the best form of recording

Back in those days when there was no option, it was the only fantastic thing that people used to like. All artistes wanted this to record their music.

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3 of the greatest gramophones players of all time

#1. Boston Symphony Orchestra


One of the most talented and outstanding gramophone players who has been entertaining people during the summer festivals in Tangle Wood. His magic styles in playing the Gramophone was undeniable to an extent that James Levine, one of the most profound producers and music managers wiped to get his services. Many producers have praying to die so that they rise up again and found that they are friends of Boston so that they get in a position to enjoy his excellence.

#2. New York Philharmonic


This is a group of acknowledged gramophone players who caught the attention of entertainment industry since 2009 under its vibrant skilled director and entertainment enthusiast Alan Gilbert. It has worn many high profile awards that even the oldest musicians have never ever imagined of. They play all kinds of music instruments and the best thing is that their excellence is never jeopardized at any state.

#3. Leipzig Gewandhaus


This is another Gramophone player who has served a chain or legends in the music industry. They are in fact widely known for their music that has passed through the hand of Leipzig, the legend as well. To mention a few, Felix Mendelssohn and Wilhelm Furtwängler who have been served and became heroes through the beats of this person. He trained himself for long and he has all the skills needed to make music perfect through excellent beats and fine instrumentals. This is rather a talent that has been perfected with time and many people has used him as an asset.

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Do professional Musicians still use instruments from the 1800s?

The answer is yes. In fact, no matter how modern a recording tool is, it traces its originality from the old ones, some of the indigenous features cannot be left behind because they are the key features that even the technicians or manufacturers of today are still using. Musicians use these instruments because they are fun and entertaining by the fact that they can be manipulated by the singer. Unlike the modern instruments which twist the voice of the musicians, these instruments allow the audience to hear the original voice of the singer.


Because of many fake artistes who are not talented and they want to be heard, they use money and creativity to make their voices super. That is why there is a wide spread of the modern instruments which that people use to record. Nowadays musicians do not practice singing for a long time because technology does it for them and they appear and sound unique musicians. These old instruments carry the true spirit of music, music that penetrate deep inside the blood of listeners and people are able to get the best entertainment. Today beats are just formed and the artiste works by the beat which simplifies.

Due to this simplicity in working of the modern recording tools, the 1800s recording tools have been thrown out of market and people are now experiencing the easy road of becoming a musician with the aid of modern machines. Every machine in the olden days used to be operated by a qualified professional who understands how to teach the intonation of voices to match with the beat. Today intonation are made by the machines and people just sing for money. Popular old artistes like John legend and the West life group are the only people who have maintained proper music through the use of traditional instruments.

In the major functions, ceremonies and entertainment events, only the gramophones and phonographs are used meaning that they have the best melodies. DJs even up to date use the turntables to do mixing and music recording which is fantastic. The musicians are the only people who use these old instruments in the studios. Many people don’t understand that even the piano is an old form of musical instrument that was just improvised. It is not the piano alone, music mixers and other speakers trace their roots to the old musical instruments. Simplicity is the only thing that has made people to run away from the old musical instruments because they don’t want to take much of their time perfecting their skills if machines can do that perfectly. Guitars invaded the world in the 20th century and can be crowned as the most popular instrument of that age, nowadays thanks to technologies you can learn online guitar lessons even at your home.

Musicians in the current century that we are living in are used to modern machines not because they have chosen but because they grew up with them. The point is, there is little recognition of these old instruments but if there could be a way to make people learn how best they are, they use could rise among musicians.

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5 great videos to help you get started with record tables

There are videos that beginners can use to learn perfect ways of ensuring that there would nice and excellent use of the record tables. Below are some of the videos that have everything that a person uses to learn.

#1. DJ’ing for Beginners

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I86wv3WcDgg although this video talks about mixing and how to become a perfect DJ, it explores all the possible ways for new learners to become perfect DJs. All the technical difficulties that are encountered are well addressed and they are taught in a simple way. How to care for the Turntable is another topic that is disused by this video. It is a video that has the best information because it contains the best materials.

#2. Turntable setup for beginners

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsvAqTBI_7Y this is a video that equips the beginner with knowledge to set up a turntable of any kind. All the techniques for perfect recording are explained and people can use it to become the perfect producers. It is the best video that enables people to understand how to clean up records and make them perfect. Step by step, form the turntable, how to connect it to the other necessary accessories tom produce perfect sound is as well discussed. This is the best way to ensure that people get the best used to turntables quickly and perfectly. The video makers are experienced manufacturers and users of the turntables so you are assured of the best information.

#3. How to use a Record Player

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I6Hrp7RaKE this is more of a tutorial. It tries to explore all the types of the turntables, how they work and how one can ensure that notifies the difference. The video is more of a teaching device on everything that one needs to know. The common break downs and how to fix them are explained to ensure that you get perfect and sound knowledge.

#4. 7 Tips to Perfect Sounding Vinyl Records: Handling, Cleaning, Playing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2QfjcgDjsY&ebc=ANyPxKpdfbCcAGwi1ZaLNQIVozJdoFZqM-lVFFRjcfNlrU2mSsjv5tY_Y8ivtajnl_rCZgu8i3N4VxF2ampPKB9tG3pliL_2mA&nohtml5=False as the heading indicates, It has all the processes outlined to ensure that people get the perfect experience in suing the Turntables. It starts by training the beginner on how to handle the materials. Owing to the fact the turntable contains a lot of things, they are handled differently because some as very delicate. The beginner needs to understand how to handle these things because he or she might damage everything in. The video also includes the types of turntables, how they operate and how they can handled by beginner for a perfect record. To ensure that things flow in the perfect direction, they demonstrate using the real machines and all the contents are available to enhance the understanding of the student.

#. 5. Vinyl Record FAQs : How to Play Records on a Record Player

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2azwEPACbc this is a video that tries to bring remedies and mitigations of all the drawbacks of the turntables. Sometimes people may think that they bought the wrong turntables because of some drawbacks here and there. This is the perfect video for them.

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3 interesting about record tables that you don’t know

#1. True identification of talents

Record tables are more of reality, they don’t hide the expertise of the artiste because their work is just tom produce beats. In so doing, the real talents can be appreciated because they produce music that is real, music that has not been refurbished by any technology. Every music is perfectly organized to ensure that the artiste is able to appreciate what is coming from deep inside him or her. Unlike the latest recording devices which makes even those untalented to become artistes.

#2. Mistakes of the artiste can be easily notified and worked upon

If there are any mistakes or some faults in the qualities of the singer as far as good music is concerned, they can be easily be identified on the record table and rectified to make a good music. This cannot happen with modern recording because people are assisted by machines from the beginning to the end. This makes it difficult for the artiste to perform in stage. Many times artiste who use modern machines to record sound differently on stage as heard from the song.

#3. It fun to play record tables

At times the artiste is both the singer and the producer. This is finer because the singer can design any beat he or she wants as well as manipulate the song according to how he or she wants. It is way, it promote the talent of the artiste and makes him or her have good idea of how to make beats and sing at the same time, something that even many artistes do not have. The hidden treasures of a record table can only be experienced when the artiste sits in front of it.


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