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Do professional Musicians still use instruments from the 1800s?

The answer is yes. In fact, no matter how modern a recording tool is, it traces its originality from the old ones, some of the indigenous features cannot be left behind because they are the key features that even the technicians or manufacturers of today are still using. Musicians use these instruments because they are fun and entertaining by the fact that they can be manipulated by the singer. Unlike the modern instruments which twist the voice of the musicians, these instruments allow the audience to hear the original voice of the singer.


Because of many fake artistes who are not talented and they want to be heard, they use money and creativity to make their voices super. That is why there is a wide spread of the modern instruments which that people use to record. Nowadays musicians do not practice singing for a long time because technology does it for them and they appear and sound unique musicians. These old instruments carry the true spirit of music, music that penetrate deep inside the blood of listeners and people are able to get the best entertainment. Today beats are just formed and the artiste works by the beat which simplifies.

Due to this simplicity in working of the modern recording tools, the 1800s recording tools have been thrown out of market and people are now experiencing the easy road of becoming a musician with the aid of modern machines. Every machine in the olden days used to be operated by a qualified professional who understands how to teach the intonation of voices to match with the beat. Today intonation are made by the machines and people just sing for money. Popular old artistes like John legend and the West life group are the only people who have maintained proper music through the use of traditional instruments.

In the major functions, ceremonies and entertainment events, only the gramophones and phonographs are used meaning that they have the best melodies. DJs even up to date use the turntables to do mixing and music recording which is fantastic. The musicians are the only people who use these old instruments in the studios. Many people don’t understand that even the piano is an old form of musical instrument that was just improvised. It is not the piano alone, music mixers and other speakers trace their roots to the old musical instruments. Simplicity is the only thing that has made people to run away from the old musical instruments because they don’t want to take much of their time perfecting their skills if machines can do that perfectly. Guitars invaded the world in the 20th century and can be crowned as the most popular instrument of that age, nowadays thanks to technologies you can learn online guitar lessons even at your home.

Musicians in the current century that we are living in are used to modern machines not because they have chosen but because they grew up with them. The point is, there is little recognition of these old instruments but if there could be a way to make people learn how best they are, they use could rise among musicians.

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