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The beginners guide to playing the phonograph

Beginner might find it complicated to operate a turntable to record music or videos. Frankly speaking, it is about being precise, placing the needle to the perfect groove and ensure that there is consistence in making the music. Through a perfect guide, one is able to produce the best music and ensure that it is of high quality.

#1. How to prepare the Player.

As usual, one has to uplift the dustcover from the turntable to have access of the real machines. The dust cover is meant to protect the machine from dust and make function appropriately. Every machine comes with its own different kind of dust covers and they are removed differently.

#2. Make sure the turntable is not spinning

Some turntables have their platters automatically rotating because they are made that way. Others have a switch that needs to be switched for the platter to start rotating. Whichever the type, just ensure that your turntable is not spinning for good music to be recorded.

#3. Place the record or the CD on the platter

This is the core tool in the whole process. It is the one that is responsible for producing sounds and playbacks. The CD needs to be placed perfectly and ensure that its groves are rotating well and perfectly. Place the spindle on the center and always ensure to hold your record at the edge when placing it. Touch the outer portion to avoid interfering with the groves because they are the main required things to ensure that perfect recording is done. Platter must be fitted with foam or rubber band though many of them are made from metal. Every platters needs to be fitting to avoid any inconveniences in the recording process because this is what leads to drawbacks in the quality of recording.

#4. It’s now your turn to put the platter into motion.

The mechanism of switching the platter on varies from machine to machine but mostly, it is located around the speed selector. Due to different manufacturers, the switch might differ from machine to machine and this could be so difficult to people who are new to such machines.

#5. Time to cue the tone arm now.

Some machines have a switch controlled tone arm while others are just lifted physically. This switch is meant to produce perfect sound melodies so that the music becomes interesting.

#6.Lower your stylus on to the record.

Recording will only take place when the stylus comes into contact with the record. This is where all the music science takes place and recording starts. Gently and carefully lower the lever of the tone arm and you find things happening as programmed. Put the tone arm back into place by either using the switch or lifting it physically. You can listen to the other side of the record by lifting the record over and repeat the whole above process. Playing of music is easy than recording on the turntable.

#7 Hook up the stereo

It is good to get a receiver because a lot of turntable require a receiver to function properly. They are then connected to speakers which then ensure that sound is produced at a bigger frequency for clarity and easy and audience. An external phonograph can also act as a receiver because it has the ability to send music in loud form. To amplify the sound, a powerful preamp should be used and connected to the groves of the radio to ensure that there is easy clarity of the sound to the listeners. Some turntables have in-built preamps that act as amplifies for maximum sound production.

#8. Attach all your cables in the turntable.

To identify the cables, they are normally colored to ensure that a user is able to determine which cable to fix where so that they work as needed. The instructions manual contain all these instructions because different turntable have different systems. Get all the instructions perfect by reading your manual properly because cables are the only things that are going to make you make the best connection and make the perfect music production. To prevent any buzzing sound, the ground wire should be connected.

#9. Get the correct input and switch on to it.

After all has been fixed accurately and its working, it’s now time to connect your phono to enjoy the perfect music from your record. It could be a CD, an Ipod or a mobile phone that is used, just ensure that it is a super quality gadget that is going to give you the best sounds. This is not a onetime perfection but with time, people get used to and they end up having the best experience to practice playing the phonograph. Every phonograph has its make so it is good to ensure that there is proper learning.

#.10. Operate your turntable as required and maintain it well.

For perfect performance of the turntable, it is good to ensure that it is in excellent condition throughout. This can be done through ensuring that you follow the safety measures that are outlined in the manual to ensure that you get the best knowledge. Always remove and replace dust covers before and after use to ensure that you remain in the right truck throughout. Never ever spin the platter before placing your record and ensure that you get the best experience from it. Never drop the tone arm abruptly.

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